This game was created in 7 days for the Commuinity Game Jam.

Its a dungeon platformer with a short story.

You can download it or play it in the browser.


A, D - move player

Space - jump (hold to jump higher)

Left Mouse / Ctrl - attack, skip dialogues

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
AuthorMechaspear Studios
Made withUnity, Audacity, Aseprite
Tags2D, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes


AnormalDungeonWin[PreJam].zip 19 MB
AnormalDungeonWin[PostJam].zip 19 MB

Install instructions

1. unzip

2. execute


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How many times do you have to hit the boss for it to die?

Amazing Game. I think that the story was very ironic and funny. Well done

What's the difference between prejam1 and postjam1? Which one should i download?

prejam has bugs postjam has less bugs and more graphics sorry it took a year to tell the difference

...if you try to push the first box you see into a nearby hole, and repeatedly jump on it while it is stuck, you glitch through the wall. you can still activate checkpoints, and you can make it preety far by doing that.

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Damn, that is a speedrun tech.

I think the collison is broken on some of the tiles, but this bug is actually pretty fun.

thanks for noticing.

tbh i was afraid you'd try to fix it, i love this bug :P

hey i dont know if the game maker is here but i found a huge bug on accident on my play through

which bug did you find. I played the game countless times and never found anything. Thanks a lot for the time you took to report it.

Boy oh boy this game  was good

But i only have on e question, which pixel editing softawre did you use to make these stunning levels

thanks a lot for that, I use Aseprite for my pixel art.

I really love the movement and design of the levels :) 

Thank you mate


no. Pretty fun game, I'm impressed that this was made in only a week! I wish it could've been longer, but I love the way everything played out!

Thanks, I appreciate it


Dude, I just LOVE the ending. Is this an original idea? I would like to add this as one of the endings to my game? May I borrow this idea? :)


Sure! I was strongly inspired by Moirai and Dark Souls, so idk if its really that original.

Thanks my dude :)

Not bad for a small game. I think it could be a wee bit longer, but it's tight otherwise. Really loved that ending.

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Really cute game with a big final hahah!
I loved the simple pixel art and the level design.

p.s. If you want, check out our game!

bro the ending is awesome...

really unpredictable

Really good game, levels are cool, tiny pixels are good and the story is efficient (I loved the end X) )

I was like, he probably has to kill them because of the monster, I like how it's like oh now I underst... dead

One of the best games I've played so far


Glad you like it :)

This is a really well made game! The tile/texture work is excellent.


I loved the ending, the box physics were good. overall Great game! Nice job! :D

Thanks a lot, I appreciate it

Hi, I was wondering if you had time to check out my game, it's my first complete game and I would love some feedback. Thanks.


This trap doesn't kill so you just get stuck.

Thanks for report, i'll fix it

Allright, its fixed