Try to defend your HQ with a barly controlable remote control.

This game was made in two days for the GMTK game jam 2020

the theme is "Out of Control"

Control the game using your mouse only.

further controls/ explanation: (spoilers)

red round buttons:  shotting cannons

red square buttons:  shooting missiles

red octagon:  moves missiles right/ left

blue square buttons:  moving wall right/left

lever:  rotates main cannon

red switch:  rotates small cannon

on authorisation ERROR:  click the Key

on internel ERROR:  type in three number code and confirm with the Y button

Art, sound and code were created during the game Jam, some sounds were generated using Bfxr, the rest is self recorded.

Font used:

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorMechaspear Studios
Made withBlender, Unity, Audacity
Tagsdefend, defense, fight, Low-poly, remote, Short, Tanks, Top-Down, Unity, War
Average sessionA few minutes


Download 19 MB


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Not familiar with the jam this was made for, but this is a pretty fun game! I love just how many ways you came up with for movement. Everything moves in just a slightly different way, and that's probably my favorite part. The only thing I didn't like was that it can make you input the code twice in a row sometimes. I can only assume it's RNG that decides when you have to put in the code, so a minimum cooldown before it can happen again (maybe 4 seconds) would be nice. Other than that, this seems like a great implementation of the theme you were going for! The emotion that sums up this game is just a loop of "oh god, uh... wait, uhh... this!"

You don't know how happy comments like this make me. I know the game turned out pretty messy, I tried to make it more fun then frustrating (naturally), but I know a lot of people would give up during the first minute. Still I'm glad you had some fun playing it.

If I had to sum up the game in a sentence: Refreshing & mildly infuriating

This is great!

Really enjoyed learning how to use the control panel (something very satisfying about the look and feel)

glad you liked it :)